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About Mind-Newtrition


We exist in an extensive knowledge economy. Today knowledge and ideas are the most valuable currency. This not only presents a vast amount of opportunity, but it also highlights several constraints that may impede our ability to fully exploit this knowledge economy. 


Mind Newtrition offers an alternative avenue to improve literacy levels in the African continent, whilst simultaneously making young people conscious of the various socio-economic issues that occur around them and how these can impact their lives. Mind Newtrition does this by establishing social clubs, a community through which African citizens can help each other learn, grow, and improve themselves.


#1- Our First priority is to get the African societies reading.

#2- Our Second priority is to develop the best public speakers.

#3- Our Third priority is to build strong African Leaders.

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Mind Newtrition welcomes people from every sphere in Africa, from different cultures, races and ages, who are looking for a better understanding of life. We strongly believe in the power of reading to change mind-sets, lifestyles, and the African continent. We strive for a friendly African environment and offer a platform of free knowledge obtained in a fun way, through our social clubs and events, to create questioning minds and intellects who are willing to present and share great ideas to better each other.



To create a ripple effect of effective readers and effective communicators in Africa, while building intellects and questioning minds.


What we do:

# We operate as a knowledge based social club that promotes the culture of reading to improve literacy and equip people with knowledge.

# We offer a platform for people to improve their public speaking skills and self-confidence.

# We engage on thought provoking discussions where we discuss current affairs and societal issues, and try come up with solutions to that. With the aim to create critical thinkers and problem solvers.

# We also do workshops to surrounding communities, schools and other entities that might see our workshops as useful. These workshops cover various topics revolving around self-development and Knowledge Investment.